What an episode this was – do make sure you watch it! For this just click the image above.

This was all about the forecasting features of Tableau. For which we believe is one of the most underestimated features of Tableau.

Because it is great and there a plenty of use cases for it.

There are two questions we keep hearing from our customers about the forecasting features of Tableau:

  • Does it work with my data?
  • And if yes – how can I fully utilise it?

The answers are given in this episode.

First a very simple method for checking whether the Tableau forecasting features work with a particular data set is presented. Along with some background information on exponential smoothing – being the principle behind the Tableau forecasting.

Also shown was how to check and increase the quality of the forecast.

And – in this episode it finally came out why the We Love Analytics team call Tableau a ‚he‘ and not an ‚it‘! You would never guess … 🙂

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