This episode is a real treat – voted as one of the best so far!

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It’s about how to impress with Tableau diagrams (or charts if you prefer to call them this way).

It already starts really strong: With the two things you should consider before you even start thinking about designing and developing your dashboards. (It’s not what you would normally expect!)

The We Love Analytics team strongly believes that with just three types of diagrams you can cover more than 80% of your visualisation needs and these three types are shown in this episode.

Firstly we explain why they are important and then we demonstrate how they can be formatted in Tableau in such a way that makes them impressive.

But of course also an example of a (really impressive!) dashboard is shown – containing these charts and more.

And the more part are little indicators that help you spot immediately areas with the biggest problems and/or improvement areas.

It’s a bit tricky to properly format them – but if you pay close attention towards the end of the episode Stefan shows how this too can be done.

In the download section of this post you can also download the screenshots of the three chart types as well as an example dashboard.

If the charts, the formatting and the dashboard example are something you would like to reuse for your own purposes or just use as a motivation – just email us at and we will send you the workbook with all the source code.

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Download Chart Type Screenshots PDF